Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday, Monday

This has been a crazy day that funny enough, started out sanely! I knew I had a parent/teacher conference with one of my son's teachers, so I got that out of the way, then had the rest of the afternoon to get stuff done and plan dinner, etc., since I have handbells at church tonight.

But God said, "haha, no, it is not meant to be!" And when I picked up Kevin and Tyler, Tyler was CRYING because his throat hurt. Well, we all know what it usually means when our throat hurts that much! Strep, right? So I call the clinic and they can get him in at 5 which is great, although I do have to drive to Little Rock which I hate to do, but obviously not enough to change pediatricians! (The boys have gone to the same pediatricians since even Ryan was born. 15+ years, who can leave now?)

Bart gets home early; my dad is here because when we had the remants of Hurricane Ike the tree next door fell down. That is only a problem for us because all the roots are under our fence and in our yard, so when the tree fell, the roots jacked our fence up about 2 feet in one spot. And Dad was kind enough to come up here and take a look at it because, frankly, I'm afraid the tree is going to fall all the way down eventually (gravity will take over, right?) and the fence will be toast which means the dog will get out and probably get run over in the busy street behind us.

Tyler and I run to the car, drive the 45 minutes to LR, endure a strep test that turns out to be negative. But he does have a red and swollen throat, but it seems to be viral. As we're talking with the Doctor, Tyler asks if he can have a sticker. Doctor X says, "Of course you can," so Tyler looks and looks and then I hear, "AHA!"

Doctor X says, "Wow, that sounded like an epiphany!" And Tyler says, (wait for it) "yes, but it LOOKS like a bicycle!"

Don't you just love them! DOctor X looks at me and says, "And THAT'S why I became a pediatrician!"

Five year olds are the very best, they are so funny and so sweet and so adorable!

Hopefully that's your laugh for the day!

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Jess said...

Too funny...glad he doesn't have strep...maybe it will go away quickly.

Have a good rest of the week