Monday, October 27, 2008

If I was....

I hope Sandra from "Diary of a Stay-at-home mom" doesn't mind, but this is the best meme I've come across. I'll give her credit and go check hers out!

If I was a month, I would be... October

If I was a day of the week I would be... Sunday

If I was a number I would be... 13

If I was a planet I would be... Pluto

If I was a direction I would be... north

If I was furniture I would be... a big comfy couch

If I was a liquid I would be... sweet tea

If I was a sin I would be... greed

If I was a mineral I would be... graphite

If I was a metal I would be ...pewter

If I was a tree I would be... maple

If I was a fruit I would be .. peach

If I was a flower I would be... gardenia

If I was the weather I would be .. rainbow

If I was a musical instrument I would be...oboe

If I was one of the elements I would be... fire

If I was a color I would be... purple

If I was an animal I would be...tiger

If I was a sound I would be... baby cooing

If I was a song lyric I would be... Would I stand in your presence, to my knees would I fall, would I sing hallelujah, would I be able to speak at all, I can only imagine... I can only imagine.

If I was a song I would be... White Christmas

If I was a music genre I would be...the blues

If I was a perfume I would be... chanel #5

If I was a feeling I would be... love

If I was a book I would be… an adventure novel

If I was food I would be… lobster

If I was a place I would be ... Hawaii

If I was a taste I would be... sweet

If I was a scent I would be… peppermint

If I was a word I would be… mother

If I was a verb I would be… loved

If I was an object I would be… a tire swing

If I was a clothing item I would be… faded old jeans

If I was a body part I would be… hand

If I was an expression I would be… smile

If I was a cartoon character I would be… definitely Minnie Mouse

If I was a movie I would be… Christmas Vacation

If I was a shape I would be… oval

If I was a season I would be… fall

If I was a quote I would be… "to those whom much is given much is expected."

This was really fun, I tried to go with my first instinct when I read it, so that made it more fun!

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