Thursday, September 18, 2008

where have I been?

I've been AWOL, that's for sure! But I'm baack....,,,,

I've been sick and I've been busy working at my "part-time" jobs, so busy I didn't have time to post.

So to catch up, we went to Bull Shoals White River State Park for Labor Day weekend. Me, Bart and the boys, my dad and my sister Tracy and her husband Tim. We got there on Friday, everyone else was already there, but we did get there before dark at least! And we parked and set up and got dinner going...

and this:

you got it, 1 travel trailer and 2 tents! But we had a great time, Saturday my mom came up which is amazing because she doesn't really like to camp! And the boys stayed with Grandad in the tent (except for Tyler) and got up and fished every morning, caught several several trout, and cooked Spam over a campfire before I got my lazy behind out of bed to cook breakfast! They had this hilarious thing that they put the meat on sticks and cooked it, they did it last year while we were all camping and well, there's nothing like being awakened by the smell of Spam cooked over a campfire! I'm kinda the unofficial cook, which is fine, I enjoy cooking for everyone. And if I don't plan our meals, well, who wants to go to the store every camping trip? So I planned the meals, did cooking with the help of Mom and Tracy and then I had the camper to clean up in, with hot water to wash dishes instead of heating water on the camp stove and doing it the way you have to do it when you're tent camping.

Anyway with the boys in the tent, my Mom actually slept in the camper with us (we have 4 bunks and only Tyler sleeping in there) both Saturday and Sunday nights and we were so glad to have her with us! My great-aunt has a house in Mountain Home which is about 30 minutes from the park, and we were afraid Mom would want to stay there, but she stayed with us and we were grateful because we don't get to spend enough time together. We even all trooped down to the camp showers because without sewer hookups, staying 3 days in a campground fills up the grey tank (the one that holds the shower and sink water) very fast, so I even showered in the camp showers! And I usually hate to do that!

The funniest thing was Tyler (who is 5) "caught" two trout on Sunday. And by "caught" I mean Ryan put two previously caught trout on his fishing line which didn't actually have a hook on it. And so Tyler thought he had caught fish. The first thing I know, he's telling his Dad, "I caught two fish and their names are Brownie and Ice Cream."

I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to have a heart attack! He named his fish! Then later that night he said, "Dad, did we eat Brownie and Ice Cream?" He's just so cute, it's funny! After his dad looked him in the eye and told him, yes, we had eaten Brownie and Ice Cream for dinner, Tyler was okay with it. I thought we were catching trout to eat, but apparently Tyler was naming them, too!

Ryan caught a lot of fish:

And here's Tyler fishing, and I tell you, that boy can cast!! He spent all weekend casting and casting and casting...

And here's Kevin fishing:

I never got any good pictures of Jake fishing, could be because he and Tim were getting up at dawn to fish.....

But here are some photos of the river, it was higher than it's ever been....but it's really beautiful there.

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