Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's his birthday...

It's official, as of Sept 13th at 8:44 p.m.

Ryan is 15.

WOW! How did he get to be this old? I mean, seriously. I remember the day he was born just like it was yesterday. And now he's one year from driving a car without me even in the car. HOLY COW!!!!

He had a Batman birthday, we took him and some guy friends along with his brothers out to eat at a great pizza place here where they bring pizza around to you, you just run the flag up if you want more and they have great pizza like chicken bacon ranch and chicken honey mustard and meat lovers and barbeque chicken pizza and baked potato pizza (really!). Then Bart took Ryan and the older boys to see Batman, er I mean, The Dark Knight at the IMAX movie theatre and they came back to the house and we had Batman cake:

that I made... I have a tradition of making the boys birthday cakes and I've made every single one for every boy for every birthday... and if I add right, that's 41 birthday cakes. Each and every one different. We've had Buzz Lightyear and elmo on the same cake, Pablo from Backyardigans, Mickey Mouse of course, baseball, you name it and we've had it.

Then the boys decided they were sleeping outside in the tent so they went out there, wayyyyyy after dark and tried to set it up. I think they finally succeeded and were all in bed out there... then during the night I kept hearing the "beep beep beep" of our alarm system that beeps everytime a door or window is opened. And eventually they were all inside sleeping except Ryan and one friend!

Doughnuts for breakfast, more cake and then everyone was gone.

Birthday over, oh, except for going to Nana and Grandad's house (my parents) on Sunday and having his birthday dinner, and his actual birthday on the 13th which we went to Gran's (Bart's mom) to have birthday dinner.

And so Ryan-fest continued....

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Jess said...

Happy Late Bday to Ryan...I am here catching up, as I have been busy too.

Have a wonderful weekend.