Friday, September 26, 2008

Fave Friday 5

Well, it's my first time doing this little exercise with Suzanne above.

Here are my favorite things of this week:

1. Eating lunch with my kindergartner at his school -- he loves to get a cafeteria tray! LOL

2. Keeping my niece and nephew today. It's so fun to have preschoolers around again since all mine are in school!

3. A great terrific fall bag that I made for an auction here. It's brown with this awesome fall fabric... I wish I had made one for myself!

4. Watching my 9th grader play in the band at the football game.

5. Going to the football game and the weather being so wonderful, I was actually cool in my summer shirt!

6. I know, I know, I said 5, but I'm so glad that Grey's Anatomy is back on!


Susanne said...

LOL. Sometimes that 6th one just has to make it's way in there, doesn't it! Lunch with your kindergartener, how precious is that. Great list of your favorite things from your week. I enjoyed reading them. Looking forward to you joining in again next week.

Jess said...

Amen to Grey's Anatomy!!!

Have a great week ahead...I do love your new look!