Sunday, August 24, 2008

Football is here

I have a son, Jake, who is playing 7th grade football this year. I can't believe that 3 years of Optimist club football went by so fast; now it's the big league, or at least the middle school league.

We had a fundraiser for the booster club on Saturday night, it's called the Steak-Out, they have burgers and introduce all the cross country teams, the volleyball teams, they have football scrimmages and volleyball scrimmages, etc. And they introduce the 7th grade football players. It's like they are entering an exclusive society, the hope of the football team for tomorrow. They introduce them, they boys run through a cool blow-up tunnel that's blue and white, our school colors, then the high school varsity players have made a tunnel that the 7th graders run through and slap their hands and other manly (boyly??) things.

It's a big deal, the kids think it's the greatest, like they are being initiated into a secret club. And Jake had the biggest grin on his face that I've possibly ever seen. Like he was in heaven and didn't even know it existed before now!

He's proud, I'm proud, his father is beyond proud, and his brothers just wanted to leave:) But it was his big moment and we're all excited and proud for him! I hope I still feel this way after I have to watch him get hit by guys who are bigger than he is!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

Gee, only 5 more years of football for him, not counting this year! And not counting the younger ones coming up.

Bay is so small we don't have a football program, only basketball. Jessica played basketball and volleyball, but that's it, and she was a cheerleader her junior year. That was bad enough, because they can get injured doing any of those things! I can't imagine if she'd been a boy playing football. I'd be tensed up for every game, and I'm sure you will be too!

So, your daytime nest is empty now. Just wait until your oldest goes off to college!

You'll soon fill your time with things to do, then as you said, by the time school is out next Summer they'll drive you nuts being underfoot all the time again. ;o)

Have a great new week, Kelli.

Love and hugs,


BigDadGib said...

Get out the band-aids...and the monkey blood... (do they still call it that? merbromin)

Nice pictures... you take those?


Kelli said...

Hey, thanks for reading!

Yes, I did take the photos, I got a "real" camera last summer when I realized that my point-and-shoot wouldn't take good pictures of the boys sporting events. I'm not too good at it, but I do take a lot!

Yeah, they do still call it monkey blood! He had his first day actually practicing today and he's sore from all the push-ups... I told him to wait until tomorrow!