Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice day, ice day

Well, snow day is inaccurate, because all we have is ice! The boys got out on Monday at 1:30. I was in the middle of Wally World shopping for the next couple of weeks and suddenly my Blackjack blinks purple which means I have a new email. I look and someone has sent a message to my younger two sons' elementary school Yahoo! group asking if it's true that schools are getting out at 1:30?!?!?!

In a couple of minutes, the principal answers yes, that the schools are getting out, it's about 12:50 by then, I'm not completely done shopping, the cart is full, the store is full, the house has gifts for the boys strewn out everywhere.... and I have to check out, get home, unload the freezer stuff, put up the gifts and then go back and wait for the boys. And did I mention that it was sleeting very hard then???

So I do those things, rush home, move the gifts, unload the freezer stuff, get back in the car after getting a big coat and hat because gosh, it's probably every bit of 19 degrees then and sleeting like crazy. I get to the school and someone has closed one of the pickup loops because it's too slick, they sent out an email about it, but because the school servers were overloaded, no one gets that email. I go and wait in line at the usual pickup point only to be told that the boys aren't there, they are at the front door of the school! So I drive around, no one knows where the boys are, I have to get out and go in and literally hunt them down! Not my finest moment, I managed to lose my temper with the secretary in the office.

The other boys finally show up in their buses from the other schools and it has been alternately raining and sleeting as hard as possible! We get home finally by about 2:10 and settle in for the afternoon. It isn't long before the news channel says that public schools are closed on Tuesday. The boys are thrilled, of course, and by the time Bart gets home and we eat dinner, the sleeting has intensified and has covered the patio, walkway out front and driveway. A very bad sign! Especially since on Sunday it was around 64 degrees!

This morning, Tuesday, we get up and get around with breakfast and the temp never gets above 28 the entire day. Nothing melts, no cars are driving on our street nor on the busy street behind us. And about 2:00, guess what? You got it, no school on Wednesday. My oldest was supposed to have a Christmas band concert on Monday night : Cancelled. He was supposed to go to school Monday and Tuesday and then be done for the Christmas break because he did not have to take semester tests. So he went most of Monday and now he seems to be done with the exception of picking up his saxophone from the school. The other boys are supposed to have tests for the end of the 9 weeks this week, concerts, parties, a spelling bee, art projects, you name it. So now we're one more day out.

Hopefully we will have school on Thursday so that the younger kids can have their parties, but the 9th grader is done until January 6th!!!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

We had about 3 inches of that mess too, maybe a little more. It's starting to melt a little now so hopefully the roads will be passable on Thursday.

Our schools were closed Tues. and Wed. and we didn't have church on Wed. night because the parking lot was still a solid sheet of ice. Our WMU Christmas party was canceled because of the ice so we have to try to work it in before Christmas now.

Glad to see these new posts from you! I'd been wondering about you and was thinking about sending you an email. :o)

Merry Christmas to you and yours, Kelli.

Love and hugs,


PS: I love your new Christmas theme! :o)

The Neighborhood Team said...

Holy smokes! We don't get snow like that in Phoenix! What a blessing for God. It's simply beautiful.

~Allie Z